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The Best Fishing Lures For Wilderness Canoeing

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Wilderness canoeing is an amazing experience. Aside from beautiful scenery, exciting water trails, and a glimpse at animals in their natural habitat, wilderness canoeing also allows you to access fishing areas that would otherwise be difficult to get to. When it comes to wilderness trips my motto is “throw some metal at them”. In this article I am going to share my wilderness canoeing tackle box must-haves along with a few tips.

When wilderness canoe fishing, the best place to cast your line is in deeper water. You don’t want to cast out into the middle of a rapid or cast out into the middle of the river where it’s shallow. You want to instead, look for a deep pool. An eddy is also a great spot to cast your line. An eddy is a section of circular current that flows back up river, in the opposite direction of the main current. They are usually caused by something in the water like a fallen branch or a large rock. You will find an eddy at the base of any waterfall and that is the perfect place to cast your line. Another option is to troll for lake trout using a triple swivel rig which will help get your smaller, lighter lures down deeper.

Using lures is an excellent way to catch fish while wilderness canoeing. In my tackle box I like to always have Mepps Spinners, Williams Spoons, Williams Wobblers, Williams White Fish and Williams Nipigons. Lately I have been having some good results from the Mooselook Wobbler. On top of that I always like to bring some jig heads and some soft baits like some Mister Twister grubs. William’s Ridge/Back are also a great choice. These are all good lures that can be used to catch multiple species.

Wilderness canoe fishing can provide you with the opportunity to catch some monster fish. When using the right type of lures and following the tips I have provided you are sure to catch some trophies or at least a decent haul for dinner. Use this tackle box guide to get your gear together and take on the river!

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