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Top Water Magic

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

I have always been the type of angler to tie on my ‘go-to’ lures. I recently noticed that all my go-to lures are more traditional style, sinking or cranking baits that get down in the water at least a couple feet. Most of the time, the top-water lures I do have wait patiently for those situations where I am forced to tie them onto the line because of heavy weeds or lilly pads.

Throughout bass season in 2014, I found myself fishing heavy coverage lakes more and more which prompted me to tie on my weedless top-water lures. After battling and landing a few bass, I began to use these lures even in clear, 3-8ft waters just for fun. Top-water fishing is no secret to any bass angler, but what often gets forgotten is the heart pounding  action that a top water strike can create.

Towards the end of last season, I made a pact with myself ‘only top-water lures unless in a competition or in a survival situation’. The results of my oath were amazing. Not only did I get to fill my tackle box with a number of new lures, but I had some of the best bass action I had in a couple years. It wasn’t so much about size or quantity of the fish, but more so, the excitement and thrill seeing the fish attack my bait from 20 – 30ft away.  You just don’t get the excitement of watching a fish fly out of the water while attacking your lure if you’re fishing with cranks-baits or spinners.

Argobast Hula Popper

Argobast Hula Popper

I encourage every bass angler out there to pick-up one or two new top-water lures for their tackle box. There is a huge selection to choose from out there, but my two favourites are the Koppers Live Target Hollow Body Frog (weedless) and the timeless, Argobast Hula Popper. The challenge however,  is not to just buy them and let them sit in the tackle box collecting rust. Set aside a full morning, even an entire day and enjoy the electrifying  action of top water bass fishing and you won’t go back.

Koppers Live Target Hollow Body Frog (weedless)

Koppers Live Target Hollow Body Frog (weedless)

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