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Caleb Musgrave

Caleb Musgrave is a Mississauga Anishinaabe man from Rice Lake Ontario, who has been training in wilderness survival, bushcraft and traditional woodcraft since he was a child. Since 2008, Caleb has been the owner and director of Canadian Bushcraft, Ontario's leader in wilderness skills ranging from blacksmithing and homesteading, to week long survival training courses, to guiding long trips into the backcountry. With his decades long experience in the outdoors, and his work as an Archaeologist in remote places ranging from the basin desert of Colorado, to the Black Hills of Wyoming, Caleb's understanding of traditional lifeways is highly sought after. Since 2017 Caleb has been the host of APTN's hit reality wilderness show "Merchants of the Wild", and since 2020 he has been the host of "The Canadian Bushcraft Podcast"

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